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Sunday Spotlight

Each Sunday we'll highlight publications relating to the LGBTQIA+ community and OT and/or publications written by LGBTQIA+ community members in the OT profession. If you'd like to see something featured, contact us here!

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Sexuality and Inimacy: An Occupational Therapy Approach

Edited by Kathryn Ellis, OTD, OTR/L, AASECT-SC and Joseph Uncgo, OTD, OTR/L

Link to resouce


“You’re Someone Different Now”:
An Autoethnography on Identity and
Occupational Identity Disruption After
Traumatic Brain Injury

Andi Brown, Devin C. Barth, Amanda R. Leslie

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Anti-racism and Occupational Ther acism and Occupational Therapy Education: Be ducation: Beyond
Diversity and Inclusion

Julia Sterman, Janet Njelesani, Shanteria Carr

Link to Resource


Experiences of Lesbian and Gay Occupational Therapists
in the Healthcare System

Mary Falzarano, PhD, OTR, Michael Pizzi, PhD, OT

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Transgender and Gender-Diverse Inclusive Resources for Your Practice.

AOTA Capstone Students: Bri Guillory, OTS (they/them), Boston University; Lili Rafalski, OTS (they/she), Emory & Henery College

Link to resouce


Development of the Occupational Occupational Performance Inventory of
Sexuality and Intimacy (OPISI): Phase One

Beth Ann Walker, Kasey Otte, Kelsey LeMond, Pamela Hess, Kandyse Kaizer

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Survey of Occupational Therapy Students' Attitudes, Knowledge
and Preparedness for Treating LGBT Clients

Deborah J. Bolding, Vivian Rodriguez, Helen Nguyen, Laurie A. Drabble

Link to Resource


Client-Center Practice when Professional and Social Power are Uncoupled: The Experiences of Therapists from Marginalized Groups

Brenda L. Beagan, Kaitlin R. Sibbald, Tara M. Pride, Stephanie R. Bizzeth

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