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Membership Options

We welcome new members and believe in providing confidentiality to our member group. All members are expected to be respectful and courteous to other members when posting on the member only pages and the Network reserves the right to revoke the membership of anyone who engages in bullying or other unprofessional conduct. Our goal with this membership website is to provide and safe environment to provide resources and connection opportunities to those who are seeking this. Please join us today and reach out to us with any comments or feedback here

Members receive and access the following additional benefits above the general public via the website: 

  • A list of LGBTQIA+ conferences

  • An area to file share resources with each other

  • A reading list related to LGBTQIA+ research

  • A discussion forum to connect with other members 

  • The ability to list yourself as a member to make it easier for others to connect with you if you wish

At this time we are not charging for membership in our group. However, our annual expenses are as follows (costs have been rounded to the nearest dollar):

  • GoToMeeting: $480/year

  • Wix Business Basics: $276/year

  • Wix Domain Cost: $25/year

  • Wix Ascent Plan Cost: $120/year

Previously all of our costs have been paid by the leadership team. If you feel this group is providing helpful support and resources and you would like to donate to monetarily support our group please consider clicking on the "I want to help" button below and donating an amount that is comfortable for you. We are recommending $5 donations for students and $10 donations for practitioners. Thanks for joining us and helping us grow our group!

  • Network Member

    Donations Accepted
    Free Plan
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