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The Network began in 1992 at the annual AOTA conference in Houston when a small group of occupational therapists met to discuss related concerns. Subsequently, regional groups were organized and the membership of this group grew rapidly. There were 60 people at the first inaugural meeting of the Network in 1993 at the AOTA conference in Seattle where officers were elected and the by-laws of the group formed. The Network has held membership meetings at the AOTA conference annually since then and currently has a steady membership with members represented from five different countries at this point. Our goal as the Network is to continue to grow and expand in order to support our members and the community at large while focusing on our core mission and governing values.


The mission of the Network is to create the means for members of the occupational therapy professional community who are committed to advancing the understanding of sexual orientation and gender identity issues to identify, support and mentor one another and to promote research in occupational therapy.

Governing Values


We believe in building a bridge of understanding from the LGBTQIA+ community within the OT profession to the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) membership at large.


We believe in supporting and mentoring one another including but not limited to communication and connection with the community at large, opportunities for research and training in LGBTQIA+ issues, and serving as a liaison for state organizations and academic programs.


We believe in educating the AOTA membership concerning sexual orientation, transgender, intersex, and gender and sexual identity/expression and its implications for providing occupational therapy services.


We believe in educating the AOTA membership concerning sexual orientation, transgender, intersex, and gender and sexual identity/expression and their rights within their work environment and opportunities for advocacy.